Hi! We’re Sabrina and Reece Hoverkamp.

In the eleven years that we’ve been together, we’ve left behind everything we know and love to travel the world for a year... twice. Those two decisions were the biggest, scariest and most difficult ones we’ve ever made – and they led to the most magnificent experiences of our lives. They taught us that our passions are a much better reason to make decisions than our fears. That we value experiences way more than stuff. And that listening to what's really in our hearts rarely leads us astray.

In the years that followed those trips, we couldn’t stop thinking about how fulfilled we were during our travels. With the fewest belongings and smallest budget we’d ever had, we were the happiest we’d ever been. Which got us thinking… What if we all spent our brief time on this earth as preciously as our money? Prioritized our passions, shed the things we don't need, and made every effort to fill our days with the things that make us say HECK YEAH?!

That is what inspired us to go freelance, buy an RV and create YesKamp. From the desire to learn and explore, challenge ourselves constantly and look for more reasons to say YES each day. We aren’t sure where this journey will lead us, but we’re open and excited for the adventure!

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