When we made the decision to buy a home on wheels, we knew we wanted something affordable, fully self contained (w/a kitchen and bathroom), relatively small and easy to drive. We’d been in a friend’s Dolphin a few years back, and it seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

We had a few requirements when we began our search:
-       A V6, as opposed to the more common 4-cylinder, for a bit more power.
-       Open floor plan with an L-shaped couch + Rear bathroom with a real shower.
-       Ideally built in 1990 or later (a small window, since they stopped making them in the early 90s).
-       Under 100k miles.

Dolphins (and similar models) have a bit of a cult following in the RV world and good ones get snatched up fast, so this wasn’t a short order. After several months of shopping online, we found THE ONE in Central California. A few long drives, a near-perfect pre-purchase inspection and some mildly-successful negotiations, and she was ours.


Let the renovations begin!

While our Kamper was in lovely condition when we bought her, we wanted to personalize the interior to feel less like a vehicle, and more like our home. So here’s what we did.