Originally we thought we’d get fancy and install some super cool, modern, apartment-looking light fixtures throughout the RV. Then we realized we didn’t know anything about wiring, were afraid to drill new holes anywhere, and wanted to just tick the project off of our to-do list.

So we bought the updated version of our original lights, in a fresh clean white as opposed to the old beige and brown. We simply swapped out the bulbs that came in them with LEDs ordered on Amazon, and BOOM. Lighting upgrade.


  • 4 x Progressive Dynamics Single Dome Lights
  • 4 x Progressive Dynamics Double Dome Lights
  • 1 x Package Wire Connectors
  • 1 x Wire Stripper Tool
  • 12 x Warm White 12V LED Light Bulbs


  • Pull fuse to switch off house battery power (some say this is not necessary, but we did to be safe!)
  • Remove plastic bulb covers to expose screws, and unscrew light fixtures from ceiling/cabinets.
  • Cut wires to detach old fixtures, leaving remaining wire as long as possible.
  • Strip about a one-inch end from each wire.
  • Connect new fixtures by twisting white wire ends together and black/red ends together inside wire connectors.
  • Screw new fixtures into place, and let there be light!