When we started ripping the old wallpaper down, we were excited to uncover clean, bare wood on our ceiling. And equally devastated to reveal every RVer’s worst nightmare - water damage. One of the overhead vents had cracked and the entire middle panel had rotted. So we called up our awesome go-to repairman, Ralph at Sunrise RV, and he fixed us up right. They replaced the damaged wood and reinforced the roof, leaving it practically good as new.

To ensure the same thing didn’t happen again, we replaced all of the old, yellowed plastic ceiling vents with new white + aluminum ones. Now we don’t run the risk of getting cracks that could leak in the future, and they look a whole heck of a lot nicer.

In this case, we don’t have a list of supplies or instructions, cause we paid the professionals to do it for us. A move we highly recommend!