The Idea

It all started in Spain. We were on our second year-long journey around the world, at the end of which we were planning to move to Europe. But as the days rolled by and the end became near, we realized we weren't ready to commit to living in one place again just yet. Moving abroad was still certainly on our agenda, but perhaps now wasn’t the time for it.

Because we didn’t want to quit our jobs and leave our lives behind every time adventure called. Rather, we wanted our lives to BE the adventure. To be free and nomadic and fearless every day. But to be productive too. To be creative and challenged and to contribute something to the world, while exploring it. How could we possibly merge these two extremes?

That's when it came to me. I waited for just the right time to present the potentially crazy idea to Reece... He was in a good mood. We were diving into our favorite mid-day tradition of a shared menu del dia, with the usual complimentary bottle of red wine. The artichoke croquettes had just arrived. And I said it.

“What if, at the end of this trip, we bought an RV? And lived in it?? Traveled around the country and worked odd jobs, learned new things, freelanced at ad agencies in any city we can find a parking spot???”

He said yes.

That afternoon we returned to our hostel room, overlooking the Plaza Mayor in Salamanca. And I sat with my laptop on the balcony sketching out the details. Figuring out the financials. Searching for our dream home on wheels.

Eight months later and we had returned to the US, replenished our savings, brainstormed a thousand possible ideas for the adventure, and took the first step – Bought ourselves a 1991 Toyota Dolphin.

Here, we’ll tell the story of our journey. The trials, errors, successes and failures. The moments we question what we’re doing with our lives, and the times we burst with joy and gratitude for the adventure we are blessed enough to experience. The people we meet along the way. The things we learn about the country and ourselves. 

But first, we renovate!