Our sleeping area was originally surrounded by super annoying and flimsy curtains that would fall down on you every time you touched them. So when I purchased the fabric for the couches, I also asked them to create some panels out of the same material for a custom window treatment I had in mind. 


  • 2 x Yards Extra Upholstery Fabric
  • 12 x Yards Vinyl Coated Wire Rope (approx)
  • 12 x Aluminum Ferrules
  • 1 x Ferrule Crimper
  • 12 x D-Ring Picture Hangers
  • 6 x Small Wire Staples


  • Create two panels for each window with slots along the top and bottom. Or in my case, hire someone to do so, since I can't sew!
  • String vinyl cable through the slots, and attach a picture hanger on each end using aluminum ferrules and a crimper tool.
  • Center panels over the window and screw picture hangers into the wall.
  • Affix wire staples in the center of each set of panels, to hold the wire rope flush against the wall.
  • See photos above to clarify any confusion!

Note: I don't recall the exact amount of wire rope we used, nor the thickness we decided on. Make sure to purchase several extra inches for each window to account for the end loops, and choose a size that's sturdy but flexible. Ferrules come in a variety of sizes to correspond with the different cable options.

We also purchased a 2” queen-sized memory-foam mattress topper for our bed (any thicker, and we worried it would diminish headroom). Soft sheets, a thick fuzzy blanket and a light down comforter have us covered us in just about any weather situation, and LOTS of mismatched pillows completed our little nest. I truly sleep better up there than in any bed I’ve ever had!